Agi & Sam inspiration

Found this great collection from Agi & Sam in a book from the NYPL. Though I’m more into textiles for interior design and home furnishings, this really stuck a chord with my sensibility. Also, I saw that fox print on a shirt somewhere in the city, now I know where its from.


Mosaic inspiration for textiles

Started a few new textile design repeats based on these mosaic elements found in the NY subway stations.


Yoga mat bags sewing project

Last weekend I finally finished six yoga mat bags. There are two designs, floral and paisley. Both have a unique macrame handle which allows the bag to be cinched. The applique took much longer than anticipated, so I will probably avoid it in the future. These are available for sale on Etsy.



New blog posts coming soon!

Hello. I am very excited to have finally created my little spot on the web. Please take some time to look through my portfolio and comment on anything you like.

Thanks for your interest and support!

Special thanks to @ramiabraham and @vaporstack